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Preparing appropriate review worksheets.
Worksheets for my children.
Provide plenty of worksheets for practice.
This site will provide me with supplemental worksheets for the lesson I am teaching.
I have used your worksheets in the past and have found them very helpful.
It will help me create worksheets for my daughter.
Quick access to pre-test and post-test worksheets.
With explaining tutorials and solved worksheets.
Lesson and worksheets will be a great help to my students.
Tutorials to show my class, printable worksheets for practice.
It will help me to provide variety of quality worksheets to my students.
It will generate worksheets for my classroom, especially when I don`t have a math curriculum.
Worksheets for classroom use.
I would like my son to have access to practice worksheets.
By doing more worksheets I could get more practice.
Time saver w/pre-made worksheets for classes.
Need lots and lots of practice worksheets for math reinforcement of basic skills for high school seniors.
I need access to several examples and worksheets in order to help my children with their math skills.
By providing more & more worksheets, which I can use in class for practice.
Provide me with videos, worksheets, etc. in my class.
I have really liked the worksheets and videos that I have seen so far. I am planning on using this to increase understanding of skills that are state required but yet are not covered in the book I use.
By access to worksheets and solution.
The worksheets make good practice and enhance the learning.
To update me with the latest methods, activities, worksheets that i can use in teaching math to my students.
By providing worksheets and support for my students.
Helpful for finding pre-made worksheets.
Providing tutorial videos and worksheets.
This site will me in Math because this site gives free math worksheets.
I believe it will assist me with the directions and tools to help increase my daughter`s knowledge in math. The worksheets that are provided by this site will offer great practice for learning and studying.
It wil give me the chance to have a greater range of worksheets for practice and review.
Just more selection of worksheets and videos to try and give the students something new.
With visual and actual worksheets and the video\`s I can get help at my own pace.
Supply worksheets for my class.
Mainly with worksheets and to help brush up on higher level math.
I am a teacher and will use worksheets for classroom.
The videos will add some interest and variety to class. It is not just "the teacher" giving information. The worksheets can also help review and reinforce skills.
Providing tutorial and worksheet.
I think the worksheets will be a huge help. I am a sophmore in college and I have two weeks to bring my grade up and prepare for the final exam.
I`m hoping it can help me with percents including basic percents, percent worksheets, relating decimals, percents, fractions, etc.
This will ge me a better picture with regard to my discussions and building worksheets and quizzes.
Giving worksheet of different chapters.
I can use worksheets to help my son understand Math concepts.
Videos and worksheets will be great resources for my students.
I think that this site will serve a s a guide with video tutorials and worksheets.
Printing extra worksheets for the students. And, possibly showing videos in class for a different outlook.
It has lots of tutorial videos and worksheets, therefore if I utilize them well, then I will learn a lot.
Provide sample worksheets that I can be worked on.
By providing well layed out practice worksheets to consolidate the theory of what we are learning.
I hope to have practice by doing some worksheets.
It`ll save me time in thinking up worksheets and provide another learning tool.

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