Evaluating Variable Expressions Video

Evaluating variable expressions video involves evaluating expressions, expressions.

Evaluating Variable Expressions Video Tutorial

evaluating expressions video, expressions video.

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Evaluating Variable Expressions

This math video tutorial gives a step by step explanation to a math problem on "Evaluating Variable Expressions".

Evaluating variable expressions video involves evaluating expressions, expressions. The video tutorial is recommended for 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade, and/or 10th Grade Math students studying Algebra, Pre-Algebra, and/or Advanced Algebra.

Evaluating Expressions

For a given combination of values for the free variables, an expression may be evaluated, although for some combinations of values of the free variables, the expression may be undefined. Thus an expression represents a function whose inputs are the values assigned the free variables and whose output is the resulting value of the expression.


An expression is a combination of numbers, operators, grouping symbols (such as brackets and parentheses) and/or free variables and bound variables arranged in a meaningful way which can be evaluated. Bound variables are assigned values within the expression (they are for internal use) while free variables can take on values from outside the expression.

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evaluating expressions video, expressions video