Oh Please Help In Linear Programming

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Oh Please Help In Linear Programming

The cheesy company produces two types of cheese with extra sharp cheddar cheese. The cheese spreads are packaged in 120 ounce containers, which are then sold to distributors throughout northeast. The regular blend contains 80% mild cheddar and 20% extra sharp, and Zesty blend contains 60% mild cheddar and 40% extra . This year, a local diary cooperative has offered to provide up to 8100 pounds of extra sharp cheddar cheese for $80 per pound. The cost to blend and package the cheese spreads, excluding the cost of the cheese, is %10 per container,If each container of regular is sold for $1000 and each container of Zesty should the New England produce?Formulate the LP, Solve it using graphical method and then interpret the result

thank you very much

June 24, 2009, 8:58 pm by Moscow18

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How many legs in total do a chicken, two ducks,and a sheep have?

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