Inequalities Of Exams

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Inequalities Of Exams

On two examinatioins in College Algebra, your ahve grades of 86 and 88.  There is an optional final exam, which counts as one grade.  You decide to take the final in order to get a coruse as one grad.  YOu decide to take the final in order to get a  course grade of A, meaning your final average willl be at least a 90.
Show houe you set up your inequalities.
a. What must you get on the fianl to earn an A in the course?
b. By takin the fianl, if you do poorly, youming risk the  B that you have in the couse based on the first two exams grades.  IF your fial average is less thastn 80, you will lsoe your B in College Algebra.  Describe the grades on the final which will cause this to happen?

June 17, 2009, 1:00 pm by Casper24

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