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Algebra: Systems

Many students find systems difficult. They feel overwhelmed with systems homework, tests and projects. And it is not always easy to find systems tutor who is both good and affordable. Now finding systems help is easy. For your systems homework, systems tests, systems projects, and systems tutoring needs, TuLyn is a one-stop solution. You can master hundreds of math topics by using TuLyn.

At TuLyn, we have over 2000 math video tutorial clips including systems videos, systems practice word problems, systems questions and answers, and systems worksheets.

Our systems videos replace text-based tutorials and give you better step-by-step explanations of systems. Watch each video repeatedly until you understand how to approach systems problems and how to solve them.
  • Hundreds of video tutorials on systems make it easy for you to better understand the concept.
  • Hundreds of word problems on systems give you all the practice you need.
  • Hundreds of printable worksheets on systems let you practice what you have learned by watching the video tutorials.
How to do better on systems: TuLyn makes systems easy.

Do you need help with Systems Of Equations in your Algebra class?
Do you need help with Dependent System in your Algebra class?
Do you need help with Inconsistent Systems in your Algebra class?
Do you need help with Nonlinear Systems in your Algebra class?
Do you need help with Linear Systems in your Algebra class?

Algebra: Systems Videos

System Of Linear Equations In Two Variables Substitution Method 3
Video Clip Length: 3 minutes 35 seconds
Video Clip Views: 45623

This clip shows how to solve a given system of two linear equations:

x - 3y = -5
2x - 5y = -9

equations, linear equations, systems, systems of equations, systems of linear equations
Dependent System Of Linear Equations
Video Clip Length: 4 minutes 27 seconds
Video Clip Views: 24036

dependent systems, equations, linear equations, systems, systems of equations, systems of linear equations
Solving Nonlinear Systems Of Equations 7
Video Clip Length: 2 minutes 59 seconds
Video Clip Views: 23050

equations, linear systems, nonlinear systems, solving equations, solving systems of equations, systems, systems of equations
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Algebra: Systems Word Problems

Simone has 16 player on her soccer team
Simone has 16 player on her soccer team. There are 6 more boys than ...
A bike shop rents mountain bikes
A bike shop rents mountain bikes for a $8.50 insurance charge plus $3.50 per hour. For how many hours can a person rent a bike with $32...
The hypotenuse of a right triangle
The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 16 in. longer than the shortest side and 2 in. longer than the
remaining ...
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Algebra: Systems Practice Questions

2x - 2y = 15
x + y = 11
Solve the system of equation:
2q + 3r = -1
5q + 5r = -3
Solve the system of equations:
x + y = -1
x - y = 1/3
Solve the system of equation:
23x + 21y = -593
21x + 23y = -595
-4x + y=9
8x + 5y=45
solve by elimination method
x- 3y= - 6
x2 + 4y2 = 64
9y2 - 16x2 = 144
y= 2x+16
3y= 4x+3
2x + y2 - 4y + 4 = 0
-x + y = 2
Low-fat yogurt. Ziggy’s Famous Yogurt blends regular yogurt that is 3% fat with its no-fat yogurt to obtain lowfat yogurt that is 1% ...
A trucking firm has 3 sizes of trucks.  The biggest holds 10 tons of gravel, the next size 6 tons, the next 4 tons.  There are 15 trucks available to haul 104 tons.  Use 2 more of the 10 ton trucks than the 6 ...
the perimeter of a rectangle floor is 90 feet.find the demansions of the floor if the lengh is twice the width
the sum of two number is 300  the first number is 14 less than the second find the number
a number when added to its halfgives 72...
the sum of two integers is 116. the second number is three times the first number. find the numbers
How much is invested
You invested money in two funds. Last year , the first fund paid a dividend of 9% and the second a dividend of 3% and you received a total of $1047. This year the fund paid a 10% dividend and the second of 1%, and you received a total of $846...

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I am hoping I will learn how to do word problems related to Solving Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables. It is an area I am having the most trouble.. especially related to distance (2 autos traveling at different speeds, etc.) problems where speed is unknown.
I have trouble with systems of equations, and the videos show me step by step how to work out the problem.

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