Algebra: Slope Intercept Form Word Problems

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Slope intercept form in algebra.

Algebra: Slope Intercept Form Word Problems

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Algebra: Slope Intercept Form WordProblems

Beth owns her own candle making business
Beth owns her own candle making business. The cost to create and buy your own candle is $475. In addition to these one time charges, the cost of putting your own picture on the candle is $1.75. Let "x" equal the average cost per candle for Beth's business to ...
A new FDA diet claims that a person
A new FDA diet claims that a person weighing 140 pounds should consume 1560 daily calories and that a 180 pound person should consume 1700 ...
Mia has a temperature of 101 degrees
Mia has a temperature of 101 degrees. Her temperature is rising at the rate of 1 degree every 5 hours. If her temperature reaches 108 degrees, Mia's parents will take her to the emergency ...
One particularly large ant hill
One particularly large ant hill found in1997 measured 40 inches wide at the base and 18 inches ...
In 1995, the number of families
In 1995, the number of families with cable television was 20.0 million.  By the year 2008, there will be 27.6 families with cable television and enjoying every minute of ...
The total sales for a new camera equipment store
The total sales for a new camera equipment store were 200,500 for the second year and 500,000 for the fourth year
a) find a linear equation for the above model
b) estimate the total sales for the 6th year
You are driving at a speed
You are driving at a speed of 55 miles per hour to your sisters house. At 1 pm, you are 150 miles from her ...
The cost of an ice cream sundae
The cost of an ice cream sundae is given by the formual C(s) = 1.25s + 5.00. In this formula, C(s) represents the cost of the ice cream sundae and s is the number of scoops of ice ...
Company produced 45,000 tons of steel in March
Company produced 45,000 tons of steel in March at a cost of 1,150,000. In April the company produced 35,000 tons at a cost of 950,000. using only those two data ...
Mary invested $1400 in two mutual funds
Mary invested $1400 in two mutual funds. One fund earned interest at 7% per year and the other earned interest at 8% per year. If she receives $104 in interest after one ...
Slope and Intercept
A linear cost function is C(x) = 5x + 250
What are the slope and the C intercept?
The linear equation y=30x describes
The linear equation y=30x describes how far from home Deena is as she drives from Dallas to Miama. Let x represent the number if hours and y represent the number of miles. How far from home Deena in 12 ...
Slope Intercept Form
pam has $25 and is earning $4 per week for doing chores. If she does not spend any ...
Slope Intercept Form
a pool is being drained at a constant rate. the amount of water is a function of the number of minutes the pool has been draining, as shown in the table, write a equation in slpe intercept form that represents the function. then find the amount of water in the pool after two and a half hours
Slope Intercept Form
Suppose the ratio of 16-year-olds to 15-year-olds on a soccer team must be 2:3. If 10 of the players on the team are 15 years ...
Slope Intercept Form
there were 174 words typed in 3 minutes. There were 348 words typed in 6 ...
Slope Intercept Form
A construction company charges $15 per hour for debris removal, plus a one-time fee for the use of a trash ...
Slope Intercept Form
A store charges a flat fee of $6.75 plus $1.75 for every poung to mail packages.  Write an equation in intercept form relating the cost of mailing a package, c, to the number of poins, p, the package ...
Slope Intercept Form
a website charges $12 to buy a hat and a shipping charge of $5 per order. find the cost of buying 7 hats
Slope Intercept Form
jacob has 50 dollars and spends 2.50 on hotdogs everyday for a week how much money does he have after one week
Slope Intercept Form
slope = -2; y-intercept = 5 find the slope-intercept form
Slope Intercept Form
adults- $15
students- $20
how much would it cost for 3 adults and 5 students
Slope Intercept Form
below are the graphs of x=-1 and y=7.Find the point at which the two graphs intersect
Slope Intercept Form
if there are two candy and two children how much candy do each children get?
Slope Intercept Form
To service her car before a trip, Ms. Stein bought motor oil for $1.25 per quart and engine coolant for $2..50 a quart.  Altogether she bought 10 quarts and spent $15.  How many quarts of motor oil and coolant did ...
Slope Intercept Form
T(h)=0.8^2-17.6h+93.6   t= temp  h=hours since storm began      what was the temp as the storm began?
how many hours until the temp dropped below 0
how many hours did the temp remain below 0
coldest temp recorded during the storm
round if necessary

Could I have homework questions involving fractions on one of the coefficients ?
July 19, 2009, 7:19 am

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