Algebra: Multi-Step Equations Word Problems

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Multi-step equations in algebra.

Algebra: Multi-Step Equations Word Problems

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Algebra: Multi-Step Equations WordProblems

My friends and I went to the mall
My friends and I went to the mall last Saturday. We went into Hollister. A shirt was on sale for $25.00 . 5 times the cost of the skinny jean minus  the cost of the shirt equals $300.00...
A pet store has a total of 35 dogs
A pet store has a total of 35 dogs, cats, and ...
It costs $5 to become a new member
It costs $5 to become a new member of a book club.  There is a $10 charge per book ordered and tax is 7% on the books.  Shipping and handling is free for all members.  How many books were purchased by a new member if the total bill comes to $69...
George`s mom spent 3 times as much money
George's mom spent 3 times as much money on fruit than dairy products. She spent twice as much on dairy products than cereal. If her bill was $48.75...
multi-step equations
Twelve less than the quotient of the number and 7 is -2
Kaya pasted 3 rows of photos
Kaya pasted 3 rows of photos on each of 5 pages of her scrapebook. She put 2 photos in each ...
Multi-Step Equations
A school play had a attendance of 216 people. The profit was 511.50 and they charged $3 for adults and $1.50 for ...
Multi-Step Equations
you and your neighbor are building fences of the same length. each piece of your fence is 60 inches long, and each piece of your neighbor's fence 45 inches long. the 60 inch fence pieces cost 30 dollar each. the 45 inch long fence pieces cost 22 dolla each. what is the shortest possible fence length that bth of you can build? how many pieces of fence do each of you need for this length of ...
Multi-Step Equations
while Michelle sat observing birds at a bird feeder, one forth of the birds flew away when they were startled by a noise.Two birds left the feeder to ggo to another stationed a few feet away. Three more birds flew into the branches of a nearbytree.Four birds remained at the ...
Multi-Step Equations
The attendance at a baseball game was 400 people. Student tickets cost $2 and adult tickets cost $3. Total ticket sales were $1050...
Multi-Step Equations
Team A and team B have 20 players each.Team A has 7 girls.Team B has twice as many girls as team B has.On both teams,how many players are ...
Multi-Step Equations
Admission a baseball game is $5.00 for general admission and $7.00 for reserve seats. The receipts were $7348.00 for 1334 paid admission. How many of each ticket were ...
Multi-Step Equations
Katie has $880 in five- and  twenty-dollar bills. If she has four more twenties than ...
Multi-Step Equations
Multi-Step Equations
If A change machine contains nickels, dimes and quarters. There are 75 coins in the machine. The value of the coins is $7.25. There are five times as many nickels as ...
Multi-Step Equations
three is added to a number and then the sum is multiplied by 4. the result is 16. find the number

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