7th Grade Math Simple Interest Word Problems

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Simple interest in eighth grade.

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Simple interest in seventh grade.

Simple Interest Word Problems

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Seventh Grade: Simple Interest Word Problems

Find the simple interest earned
Find the simple interest earned on a principal $1,400 at an annual interest rate of 6...
Josie places $2400 in a bank account
Josie places $2400 in a bank account for a period of two years and six months at a simple annual interest rate of 4.7%...
On May 1 Gerry opened a savings account
On May 1 Gerry opened a savings account that paid 4.5% interest at Forever Broke Savings Band with a deposit of $600. Ten days later he deposited $1000. Five days later he deposited $500. No other deposits or withdrawls wew made. Fifteen days later the bank calculated the daily interest.

a. How much simple interest did he earn?
Terry`s investment of $2,200 in the stock market
Terry's investment of $2,200 in the stock market earned $528 in two ...
If Ben invests 4000 at 4% interest per year
If Ben invests 4000 at 4% interest per year, how much additional money must he invest at 5.5% annual interest to ensure that the interest he receives each year is 4...
Khaild invests $6750 at 8.5 per annum
Khaild invests $6750 at 8.5 per ...
Simple Interest
Ally went to buy a car for 1500. He borrowed that money from the bank and owes them a 5% interest, every 5 ...
Simple Interest
Find the total amount owed after 6 months on a loan of $900 at an annual simple intrest rate of 8...
Simple Interest
Paul nagel invested some money at 3.5% simple interest and $1000 more than that amount at 5% simple interest. After i year, his total interest from the two accounts was $560...
Simple Interest
A person has $18000 to invest. She invests part of it at 8% and part at 5%. How much is invested at each rate if the interest earned on the 8% investment is $510...
Simple Interest
If interest is compounded continuously at 4.5% for 7 ...
Simple Interest
an investment of 4600 is made at an annual simple rate of 6.8%. how much additional must be invested at an annual simple rate of 9% so that the total earned is 8% of the total investment
Simple Interest
You have $50,000 to invest, and two funds that you'd like to invest in. The You-Risk-It Fund (Fund Y) yields 14% interest. The Extra-Dull Fund (Fund X) yields 6% interest. Because of college financial-aid implications, you don't think you can afford to earn more than $4,500 in interest income this year. How much should you put in each fund?"

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