6th Grade Math: Number Sense Help

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6th Grade Math: Number Sense

Many 6th grade math students find number sense difficult. They feel overwhelmed with number sense homework, tests and projects. And it is not always easy to find number sense tutor who is both good and affordable. Now finding number sense help is easy. For your number sense homework, number sense tests, number sense projects, and number sense tutoring needs, TuLyn is a one-stop solution. You can master hundreds of math topics by using TuLyn.

At TuLyn, we have over 2000 math video tutorial clips including number sense videos, number sense practice word problems, number sense questions and answers, and number sense worksheets.

Our number sense videos replace text-based tutorials in 6th grade math books and give you better, step-by-step explanations of number sense. Watch each video repeatedly until you understand how to approach number sense problems and how to solve them.
  • Tons of video tutorials on number sense make it easy for you to better understand the concept.
  • Tons of word problems on number sense give you all the practice you need.
  • Tons of printable worksheets on number sense let you practice what you have learned in your 6th grade math class by watching the video tutorials.
How to do better on number sense: TuLyn makes number sense easy for 6th grade math students.

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6th Grade: Number Sense Videos

Adding And Subtracting Decimals Mixed Review Example
Video Clip Length: 3 minutes 16 seconds
Video Clip Views: 98516

This clip solves a given decimal addition and subtraction question:

1.867 - 0.43 + 72.491 - 25.4

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Solving Equations With Fractions With Unlike Denominators 2
Video Clip Length: 2 minutes 5 seconds
Video Clip Views: 51760

denominator, equations, fractions, lcd, lcm, least common denominator, least common multiple, like denominators, number sense, numbers, solving equations, unlike denominators
Solving Equations with Decimal Coefficients and involving Decimal Division
Video Clip Length: 3 minutes 5 seconds
Video Clip Views: 47720

The tutorial will show you how to solve the linear equation for missing variable, k.  You need to combine like terms, the variables, k, first.  Then, you need to simplify by using additive inverses and then to continue to solve for k.

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See All Number Sense Video Tutorials

number sense video clips for 6th grade math students.

6th Grade: Number Sense Worksheets

See All Number Sense Worksheets

Free number sense printable worksheets for 6th grade math students.

6th Grade: Number Sense Word Problems

Band practice lasted 1 1/4 hours
Band practice lasted 1 1/4 hours. Two thirds of the time was spent ...
If Micheal spent 3/4 of his money
If Micheal spent 3/4 of his money to buy 5/6 of his building ...
Chuck`s class is going on a fieldtrip
Chuck's class is going on a fieldtrip this next Thursday. There are 95 students going on the field trip, and each one is paying their teacher $3.75...
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number sense homework help word problems for 6th grade math students.

Sixth Grade: Number Sense Practice Questions

What is a composite number?
Is the square root of 225 rational or irrational?
25% of 118,250
What percent of 186 is 154...
22/76 x 360
(1.03) .5
Use properties of exponents to find an equivalent expression in the form axn

12x3 y
4x-2 y2

Evaluate the expression using the properties of exponents.
3/4 + 3/4
2/3 × 1 3/4
The numbers 1 4 9 16 25 are examples of?
Explain how to convert fractions to decimals.
What is the square root of 12?
3xy2 / 3x3
5 √11  x  8 √66
9 5/3=
4 11/12 - 6 2/3
What is 3 radical 6 parenthesis radical 2 plus 3 radical 5?
f(x)= sqrt(x) - sqrt(x+4)
find the domain
What percent of 20,000,000 is 18...
Simplify cube root 8c/9d to the 5th power.
2/9 of 2/5
Convert 653...
(3/2)x = 125
3x - 4 = 2
Let a number equal x. multiply by 4. add 4...
x-4 = 2
2 1/2
What is √75 simplest form?
Of the states in the united states ...
6/12 simplify
How do you rename the mixed numbers?
How do you subtract mixed numbers with renaming?
57.1 - 39.002
2/3 + 2/3 =
4 / √6
10 over 24
3 √-27y36/1000
What are the first six composite numbers?
15 steps behind
1/4 × 2/3
Write 2.35 as a fraction.
(5 is the only recurring number)
Is the product of two natural numbers a natural number?
$25.44 divided by 6 = m
25% of some number equal 118,250
Is zero a rational number?
Divide 85209 by the smallest number so that the quotient is a perfect ...
9/10 - ? = 1/3
How you convert 1...
4 1/2 - 1 4/5
0.4 + .04 =
how do I rename 3 3/7 as a mixed number?
4 2/9+ 5 5/9 =
3 3/5 - 1 4/6
which is greater .629 or .684
4 11/12 - 6 2/3
what is a similar radical?
(-3√5) (3√5)
In 91...
3 1/2+ 2 1/3
1570536900*x-2 = 100
What is 3 1/4 % of 4...
Is 40 a rational number?
(43)5/6 is equal to what?
what is renaming?
4 3/5-3 1/3=
4 1/4=
Find the cube root of 91125.
38.319 to the nearest tenths
How can we order a real numbers?
how to find the whole number
the percent is 4.99
the part is 2066.25
What are careers that use radical equations?
some of the plastic cups are red. The fraction of red cups is equivalent to 5/16...
A certain decimal number has four digit.  The tenth digit is four more than 1000th digit.  The 100th digit is three which is two more than the 10th digit.  Find the decimal number

number sense homework help questions for 6th grade math students.

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