6th Grade Math Angle Word Problems

This page is for sixth grade math students who need help, and for teachers and tutors who are looking for word problems on angle.

Sixth Grade

Angle in sixth grade.

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Angle in seventh grade.

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Angle in eighth grade.

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Sixth Grade: Angle Word Problems

From a point 12 m from the base of a flagpole
From a point 12 m from the base of a flagpole the angle of elevation to the top of the pole is 42 ...
Jerry has a window in his room
Jerry has a window in his room. His window is a triangle. If angle one measures 63 degrees, and angle two measures 77 ...
What is the measure of an angle
What is the measure of an angle whose supplement is 15 degrees less than twice the measure of the angle?
Measuring Angles
Cyclist A averages 80 pedal revolutions per minute, and Cyclist B averages 61 pedal revolution per minute. At these rates, how many more minutes does Cyclist B need than Cyclist A to make 9...
Exterior Angles
In triangle ABC, point E is segmented from C forming an exterior angle. If measure of angle B is ten more than thrice measure of angle BAC and its exterior angle is two more than twice measure of angle BAC. Find the unknown value and the measure of each three interior angles. by Richard D. Samulde, Teacher in Mathematics
Measuring Angles
The sum of the measures of two obtuse angles is 215.The sum of three-fifths of the supplement of the smaller angle and two-thirds the supplement of the larger angle is 91...
Measuring Angles
parallel lines:  measure of angle 1= 3x+10 and the measure of angle 2=2x+60 find m1
Measuring Angles
abby's garden has a area of 72 ft sq ...
Measuring Angles
find the complement of each of the following angles: 15 degrees 17
The measure of one of the angles of a triangle is 26 degrees less than twice the measure of another angle. The measure of the third angle is 35 ...
angle PQR and angle SQR form a linear pair. Find the sum of their measures
Find the measure of an angle if the measure of its supplement is 4 degrees more than twice the measure of its complement.
at the figures
sam and martha aretiming themselveson completing math problems.It takes sam 12 seconds to complete a problem, and it takes martha 9 seconds to finish a problem.if they both just finished a ...

I'm a 4th grade student at Robert L.Forbuss E.S in las vegas nevada.I need help with measuring angles on practice on lesson 9-3 on envision math brought by the pearson education Inc.I really need help with my homework because I did'nt want reteach,I got it,took the quiz again with guessing,and got practice.I don't get it.
All I'm asking is that yahoo.com or your website can give me geometry answers to envision math at least 4 or 7 times.No affense.
February 4, 2009, 7:17 pm

I need help on measuring angles.
February 4, 2009, 7:27 pm

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Taking g.e.d and having trouble doing math word problems relating to triangles and when teachers show me i seem to forget and get very frustrated past all test but haven`t taken math test yet but soon want this bad so i can graduate with class please help me to understand how to do this kinds of word problems when i read them they don`t make sense.

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This Sixth Grade math page lists word problems on angle topic.