5th Grade Math Decimals Word Problems

This page is for fifth grade math students who need help, and for teachers and tutors who are looking for word problems on decimals.

Third Grade

Decimals in third grade.

Fourth Grade

Decimals in fourth grade.

Sixth Grade

Decimals in sixth grade.

Fifth Grade

Decimals in fifth grade.

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Decimals Word Problems

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Fifth Grade: Decimals Word Problems

Chuck`s class is going on a fieldtrip
Chuck's class is going on a fieldtrip this next Thursday. There are 95 students going on the field trip, and each one is paying their teacher $3.75...
Ben is making wooden toys
Ben is making wooden toys for the next arts and crafts sale. Each toy costs Ben $1.80 to make. If he sells the toys for $3.00 each, how many would he have to sell to make a profit of exactly $36...
Terry has 3.5 oz of orange juice
Terry has 3.5 oz of orange juice and 2.098 oz of apple juice. He drinks 2 oz of orange juice and 1.3 oz of apple ...
A lawnmower uses
A lawnmower uses 0.6 of a gallon of gasoline per hour. How many gallons of gasoline will be used if it takes 2...
I bought 3 books from bookstore
I bought 3 books from bookstore for a total of 148 dollars. A Chemistry Book, Math book, and Notebook. The Chemistry book was One and half times more than the Math book and notebook combine. The notebook was 2 ...
I am a two-place decimal that is grater than
I am a two-place decimal that is grater than 80%.  Both of my non-zero digits are different even numbers greater than 5...
Dividing Decimals
Jonelle is saving $4.95 every week to buy a video that costs $29.70...
Rounding Decimals
luis has 22 MB of free space on his MP3 player. He wants to download 5 songs .They will take up 5.1 , 4.1 , 4.3 , 8.2 , and 3.6 MB of space . Does luis have enough free ...
Mother bought 5.5 kilograms of apple and 3.25 kilograms of ...
Mother bought 5.5 kilograms of apple and 3.25 kilograms of ...

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This Fifth Grade math page lists word problems on decimals topic.