4th Grade Math Time Word Problems

This page is for fourth grade math students who need help, and for teachers and tutors who are looking for word problems on time.

Fourth Grade

Time in fourth grade.

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Time in fifth grade.

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Time Word Problems

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Fourth Grade: Time Word Problems

A cabin cruiser left a harbor and traveled
A cabin cruiser left a harbor and traveled to a small island at an average speed of 24 mph. On the return trip, the cabin cruiser traveled at an average speed of 16 mph. The total time of the trip 5 ...
There were 7 girls on a bus, each with 7 backpacks, also in their backpacks were 7cats in each backpack, there were also 7 ...

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I am a visual learner. Although my University textbook has the full explanation, watching the problem be solved seems to stick with me alot more then tryng to read out a multiple process equation one line at a time.

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This Fourth Grade math page lists word problems on time topic.