2nd Grade Math Division Word Problems

This page is for second grade math students who need help, and for teachers and tutors who are looking for word problems on division.

Third Grade

Division in third grade.

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Division in fourth grade.

Second Grade

Division in second grade.

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Division Word Problems

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Second Grade: Division Word Problems

If Micheal spent 3/4 of his money
If Micheal spent 3/4 of his money to buy 5/6 of his building ...
You have 9/4 cup of jelly worms
You have 9/4 cup of jelly worms and a recipe that calls for 1/2 cup of jelly ...
3/4 of people use internet
3/4 of people use internet and 9/100 use library. How many times more people use internet
Judy has 8 candy bars
Judy has 8 candy bars. She wants to give 1/3 of a candy bar to everyone in her ...
A tailor needs 32/3 yards of material
A tailor needs 32/3 yards of material to make a ...
Peter took a trip of 7 7/8 miles
Peter took a trip of 7 7/8 miles and used 3 1/2 gallons of gas ...
There were 108 flowers
There were 108 flowers. 4/9 of the flowers bloomed.
How many did not ...
The Robinsons family drove
The Robinsons family drove for 4000 miles. This was 4/5 the distance the Jones family ...
Find the remainder when the polynomial
Find the remainder when the polynomial -x3+7x-6=0 is divided by x-1
When a certain polynomial is divided
When a certain polynomial is divided by x + 2, the quotient is x2 -4x + 1 and the remainder is 8...
The quotient of two numbers is 4 and their difference is 39...
Dividing Decimals
Jonelle is saving $4.95 every week to buy a video that costs $29.70...
The quotient of 13 minus 1 and 8 plus -4 using symbols
One square mile equals
One square mile equals 1/36 of a township.  The area of Austin, TX, is 6 4/9 ...
Dividing Fractions
Crystal had a bag of marbles. She gave 1/3 of them to Becky and 1/4 of them to Ben. Crystal had 24 marbles ...
Dividing Fractions
how many boards 4 5/8 in. wide will it take to cover a floor 222 ...
Dividing Fractions
Susie had 2/5 of a pie and what's to split it between 2 friends how much pie will she have left?
Dividing Fractions
I have 1/3 of a brownie. If 5/6 of a brownie fills one ...
Dividing Fractions
16 pies were shared among women at a party. Each woman received 2/5 of a pie. How many women were there at the party
Dividing Fractions
Marsha read 1/2 of a book. 3/4 of that reading was done at ...
Dividing Fractions
a medication order is for 2 1/4 of a drug to be given three times a day. you have 3/4 tabs in ...
Division Of Fractions
in a bag containing 207 apples 4\9 are green how many are ripe
Division Of Fractions
After a huge party, there are 7 1/2 pizzas left. if the three people who gave the party divided these remaining pizzas equally among themselves, how much pizza did each get
Dividing Fractions
I have 3/4 of a cake left after a part .  I want to give each gues 1/6 of the ...
Dividing Fractions
Lawrence owns 20 balls. Four-fifths of the balls are bigger than a baseball and half of those are soccer ...
Dividing Fractions
Kirsten has 3/4 hour left to finish 5 math problems on the ...
Dividing Fractions
Karen has 4 cups of ...
Dividing Fractions
if a puppet requires 3/4 yards of material, how many puppets can be made from 9 yards of material
Dividing Fractions
How many "quarter-pounders" can be ade from 12 lb of ground beef?
Dividing Fractions
louie spent 2/5  of his total savings of 500.00 to buy a gift for his mother. how much did louie spend on the gft
Dividing Fractions
A computaerized test allows 2/15 of an hour for each question before it automacatily moves on to the next question. If the test is 2 2/3 hours long, how many questions are on the test
Dividing Fractions
3/4 of college students use the internet more than the library.  9/100 use the library ...
Dividing Fractions
John wants to make 6 window boxes. If each window box uses 2 1/4 ft of ...
Dividing Fractions
A Farmer hauled in 120 bales of hay. Each of his cows ate 1 1/4 ...
Dividing Fractions
Norberto has 9/10 of a pizza. The pizza will be divided equally among 6 people. How much will each person get
Dividing Fractions
The roll of wrapping paper is 20 feet long. If 3 boxes can be wrapped with 1/3/4 feet of wrapping ...
Dividing Fractions
Anna bought a strip of fabric 10 yd long. She needs a 1/13yd piece to make a pillow how many pillows can anna make
Dividing Fractions
joe has 4 out of 10 candy canes and splits it with all his ...
Dividing Fractions
My mommy had 5/6 of a pie. She wants to split the pie into thirds. how many pieces of pir would she have then
Dividing Fractions
How many pieces of wood each 7 1/2 inches long can be cut from a board that is 45 inches long?
Dividing Fractions
A bullentin board is 56 inches wids and 36 inches ...
Dividing Fractions
How many 3/4-foot lengths are in a 2 1/2 foot long rope?
Dividing Fractions
a class of 3o kids is selling boxes of ...
Tom will rent a car for the weekend. He can choose one of two payment plans. The first plan costs $55.96  for two days plus 15 cents per mile. The second plan costs 44.96  for two days plus 17 cents per ...
Tom will rent a car for the weekend. He can choose one of two payment plans. The first plan costs  for two days plus  cents per mile. The second plan costs  for two days plus  cents per ...
Find the smallest number that meets all the following criteria:
When divided by 5, you get 3 left over
When divided by 8, you get 2 left over
When divided by 9, you get 4 left over
Carol has 6 1/2 cakes for her friends birthday party.  There are 12 guest at the ...
Jorge has 9 cages. he wants to put an equal number of rabbits in the ...
find the greatest number which when divided 4328,7628,8328 leave the same remainder in each case
i have 2 books and i gave 1 to my friend ...

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