1st Grade Math Addition Word Problems

This page is for first grade math students who need help, and for teachers and tutors who are looking for word problems on addition.

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Addition in second grade.

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Addition in third grade.

First Grade

Addition in first grade.

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Addition Word Problems

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First Grade: Addition Word Problems

The attendance at a ball game was 400 people
The attendance at a ball game was 400 people. Student tickets cost $2 and adults tickets cost $3. If $1050 was collected in ticket ...
distributive property
You have six gummy worms and eleven sticks of gum. Your friend is going to double the amount of the candies because you helped her out last Friday. You want to add all of the candies to find out how many you ...
Kent is 14 years older than Harlen
Kent is 14 years older than Harlen.
Next year Kent will be three times older than ...
Students were asked to choose
Students were asked to choose their favorite subject. If 1/4 of the students chose history and  3/8 chose ...
A nut mixture contains peanuts, walnuts, and casheews
A nut mixture contains peanuts, walnuts, and casheews. In the mixture, the amount of peanuts is two times the amount of cashews and the amount of walnuts is three times the amount of cashews. Let x represent the amount of ...
The sum of two numbers
The sum of two numbers is 75 and the difference is 42...
If u have two letters
If u have two letters and they are: a times ...
What is a equivalent expressions
What is a equivalent expressions for the area of a rectangle 5 by 15 and 2 by 15?
There are 4 dogs
There are 4 dogs one walks away and two come ...
Distributive Property
Four Friends went out to dinner.  To cover dinner, tax, and tip, each person paid $18...
Adding Fractions
Martha has a pie. She has diveded it into 12 peices. Her brother ate 1/6 of it, her mom ate 2/3 of it, and her dad ate ...
Adding Fractions
David had 3/4 of a bottle of water.  After a soccer game he drank 7/9 of the ...
Distributive Property
Tina buys 10 books for $100.  Some are paperbacks costing $7 each and the rest are hardcover costing $12 ...
Adding Fractions
george worked for 3 1/2 hr on saturday for a school project.he worked for 2 3/4 hr on sunday.how many hours did george work over the week
Adding Fractions
mother bought 1/2 kilo of chicken, 1/4 kilo of beef and 3/4 kilo of ...
Distributive Property
the four boys scout troops sold 1,238 buckets of popcorn to raise money.  If each bucket costs $4...
Distributive Property
one student picks a phase and tell 3 other students. each of these student then tells 3 more students.how many students will be told the phrase during round 4
Distributive Property
a marching band has 24 rows with 8 marchers in each row.how many marchersare there inall? shade and divide each grid to solve the problem
Distributive Property
Mr. Johnson has a farm with 3 cows, 8 chickens and some ducks.  If the total number of farm animal legs is 40, how many ducks does ...
Distributive Property
A baseball team buys 15 bats for $405. Aluminum bats cost $25 and wooden bats cost $30...
Addition Of Integers
The sum of 2 consecutive integers is -247. Find the larger integer
Distributive Property
the perimeters of the two rectangles shown are equal. find the value of x and the perimeter of the pools.  longest length is 2x-1.... the shortest length is 2+x
Distributive Property
Yolanda had three times as many nickles as dimes. If the total value of her coins was $1...
Distributive Property
A group of seven students plan to go to the school's annual carnival. The cost of the carnival is $9.50 per ...
Distributive Property
If Nadia works 8 hours a day for 5 days in a gum factory and makes 200 packages per hour how many packages does she make in total for 5 days?
Distributive Property
the attendance at a ball game was 400 people. student tickets cost $2 and adult tickets cost $3. if $1050 was collected in ticket ...
A truck has a full 50-gallon gas tank. It uses 7 1/4 gallons on the first part of its journey, 13 1/2 gallons on the second part of its journey, and 15 1/4 gallons on the third part of its ...
Erica went shopping. She had bought 4 barbie dolls for $157.78. She gave the cashier $200.00...
Joe has 45 ...
Ali had 22 hats. Jane had 49 colorful ...
Sue spent $75 of her money on a few CDs. She spent 2/5 of the remaining money on books. She then had half of her money ...
if sally have two apples and tim have one apple less then sally how many apples does tim have?

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